Manufacturing Capacity

When choosing a manufacturer for high quality hosiery, lingerie, and sportswear, you want a supplier who truly understands your needs, and has a thorough understanding of the spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, and finishing technologies that will meet the specific requirements for each product desired. Equally as important is having the manufacturing capacity to meet your production needs. Fu Chu has grown to be a leading manufacturer of hosiery, lingerie, and sportswear, with a complete range of production capabilities.


Fu Chu is capable of spinning yarns from a broad range of fibers, including synthetic fibers, such as nylon or polyester, as well as natural fibers, such as cotton or wool. Fibers can be chosen, depending on the desired characteristics, to give the best final products.

Spinning options can be chosen from yarns with higher yarn counts for finer, more delicate hosiery, or yarns with lower counts for thicker, more durable hosiery. Higher twist levels will also produce stronger, more durable hosiery, while lower twist levels will produce softer, more comfortable hosiery.

Weaving and Knitting

Fu Chu’s knitting and weaving department is fully equipped with over 400 machines, including computerized, fully automatic, high-speed, circular knitting machines, flat knitting machines, seamless knitting machines, circular looms, and flat looms, capable of weaving and knitting designs and patterns with diverse specifications. These highly efficient, high-capacity machines, imported from Japan, minimize waste and maximize quality.

Dyeing, Drying, and Soft Finish Heating

Fu Yu’s fully automatic dyeing and soft finish processing uses high-quality dyes, and closely monitored dyeing and soft finish heating processes throughout manufacturing. These ensure consistent color, colorfastness, and fabric texture quality. The dyeing process uses eco-friendly dyes that comply with local and international regulations concerning the use of dyes and other chemicals for textile manufacturing.

Soft finish heating reduces the stiffness of both synthetic and natural fabric, to achieve a softer and smoother texture. It also helps to improve the appearance of the fabric, make it less prone to pilling, and give a more uniform appearance.

Fu Chu Globally Recognized Brand

With over thirty years of experience and growth, Fu Chu has become a leading hosiery brand in Taiwan, and has been exporting to the U.S., Europe, and Australia for decades. We welcome you to contact us to design and manufacture the hosiery, lingerie, and sportswear that we are sure will increase your customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.